Official Sole Distributor of Buffalo Ridge Produce in the KwaZulu Natal Region

Mozzarella Di Bufala

Caprese Trading is proud to introduce South Africa's ONE and ONLY locally produced, authentic buffalo mozzarella to KwaZulu Natal!

The Real Deal finally hits Durban and surrounds! Buffalo Ridge Mozzarella is produced on a picturesque farm in the Western Cape and is the only locally produced artisanal authentic buffalo mozzarella available in Southern Africa. Buffalo Ridge Farm the only domestic water buffalo farm in South Africa and is one of a handful in the entire Southern Hemisphere!

The Real Deal is an authentic, preservative, additive, and colourant free product. Buffalo Ridge Mozzarella known as Mozzarella Di Bafala in Italy is 100% handmade in accordance with the procedure adopted to produce the finest Italian Mozzarella di Bufala of the Campana region in Italy.

Caprese Trading specialises in distributing Buffalo Ridge Farm mozzarella to restaurants as well as speciality deli’s and selected retail outlets in the KwaZulu Natal Region.

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It's not mozzarella unless it's MOZZARELA DI BUFALA!

- Caprese Trading -

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Often called 'The Queen Of Mediterranean Cuisine', 'White Gold' or 'The Pearl Of The Table' - Read more about Caprese Trading, Buffalo Ridge Produce and other interesting facts about Italy's most sought after cheese.


Who We Supply

If you are the owner or manager of either a restaurant, deli, retail outlet, catering company or culinary school - please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to feature our mozzarella di bufala on your menu or in your store.


Product Range

Aside from our best seller - Mozzarella di Bufala - we are also able to provide a range of other domestic water buffalo products, all locally and authentically produced on-site, at Buffalo Ridge Farm, in the Western Cape.

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